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quay 40x48 2020 
Stern wave  47x21 2021
whale hunter * 60x40 2021 
harbour * 43x47cm 2019
Wreck  54x62 2021
out over sea* 30x24 2018
storm as by Mesdag
Close to the rocks 46x35cm 2018
the sea with all in it *
who is hunting?
 Anna Jacoba polder  73x60 -2018 
 horizon reaching island 
river light
ugliest lighthouse * 68x44cm
far way
ocean maker
A long journey
Ring and Ladder 58x34cm
Radar reflector post 66x75cm
Ria d' Etel 60x30 2021
Shell clouds
floating rock, buoy beast 44x48cm 2022
seamark mudflats (Dirk Hinz) 70x45 cm2022 
mist changed the horizon 70x74cm 2022
mooring posts * 90x24 2021 
the sea is soo big
low tide
under the surface
quay des pilotes 72x39cm
lighthouse stairwell 26x22cm 2022
attention to the shallows 2021 
The wide open sea 75x31cm 2022 
Morning River hours  96x30cm
moonlight junction  42x15cm 2019
The connectionbox 45x45cm
boat bait *
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